5 reasons to buy an iPhone via Trade-In

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Why is an iPhone Trade-In better than selling an iPhone yourself? We collected five facts in favor of exchanging an iPhone with a surcharge.

Trade-In iPhone is very popular in America. More and more users are opting to trade in their iPhone for a new one at a surcharge, instead of having to worry about selling old devices themselves.

We’ve rounded up the top five reasons to trade in.

1. Quick sale of the old iPhone

5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone with Trade In

When you want to upgrade to a newer device, you start looking at prices right away. It happens that you find what you need at a nice price, and you want to instantly “fuse” your old iPhone. With the sale of used iPhones, this does not always work out: there are a lot of ads and stores on the network that offer devices at lower prices, try to beat the price of other buyers, or offer a better condition. It is difficult for the average user to quickly sell their iPhone.

With an iPhone Trade-In, everything is much simpler: you evaluate the device, and then the store buys it back from you in a day or two. And there is already an opportunity to take a new iPhone . Very often, stores offer additional perks if you use this service when buying a new product – an additional discount on accessories, repairs or free technical support.

2. Warranty and minimal risks

5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone with Trade In

There are a lot of scammers on the network, so selling a device on your own is easy to become a victim of them. Using the Trade-In service in iLounge, you exclude the possibility that you will be deceived and “thrown for money”, as is often the case. All transactions are carried out with documents and guarantees, your device is checked before sale, and in which case, you can always refuse the exchange.

3. Buying a New iPhone Quickly

After the redemption, you make an additional payment and immediately receive a new iPhone in your hands. Everything is fast, transparent and without unnecessary movements on the part of the buyer. All the necessary guarantees for a new device, protection against marriage and store support are present.

It is quite possible to carry out an exchange in an hour, or even less. Walk into the store with an old iPhone and leave with a new one.

4. Eco-friendly

5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone with Trade In

Actually it is. Trade-In was invented so that Apple could collect old devices, take them apart and reuse parts in the production of new products . So using the service, you also make your contribution to the care of the planet’s ecology.

5. Confidentiality of the transaction

5 Reasons to Buy an iPhone with Trade In

Not everyone wants to deal with a lot of people who are interested in buying a device, constantly calling and writing – not only does it take time, it also reveals your data. During the exchange on Trade-In, this is not the case: the procedure is confidential and the data about the seller is available only to the company, which is obliged by contract not to disclose them.


Of course, the Trade-In exchange has its drawbacks, and the main one is the lower cost of the sale, which is difficult to influence, especially after diagnostics. But it justifies your time spent and all the risks that the seller of used Apple equipment is exposed to on their own.

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